Sunday, October 24, 2010


I need stronger determination..
Wana spend more time in studies but how ah!!!
I'm not study type, i know that, dunnit mention..T.T
Thus i hv to study double than others, but ppl said "study so early, can rmb meh?"
I wonder how only i can get support...haihz.. only cold water blown to me...
I wan get stronger and longer determination ah, how!!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

2nd day internship..

2nd day of internship was so difficult with 1st day. we've to prepare a lot of solution, some easy, some hard. also have to do MgO and CaO test which using HCl 35%.. a lot of fumes coming out, very dangerous!! Other preparation of reagent also involved in using 85% phosphorus acid... while preparation of NH4Cl using high molarity ammonia, causing whole lab full of strong ammonia smell!! stucked inside the room... we cannot open door or window as outside high dust density, inhale more will gives us cancer, i think... scary..

While lunch time, explosion time for the rocks area!! strong explosion outside.. people said that last time the rocks from explosion flew to the building and damaged the building, and some car was hit by the rocks too.. dangerous...The day was dangerous but better as more things to do, more fast can back, hehe...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First day of internship at RCI Gopeng..

Today was my 1st day of internship at RCI Lime (rock chemical industry), and it was so tired and bored.. RCI Lime was a company that manufacture quick lime and hydrated lime. Thus the place was surrounding by huge amount of dust.

As my friend and I arrived to the company, we've given some short briefing about the company management, branches, hierarchy of system, and safety precaution.. They also provide us safety helmet, safety boots and respiratory as the place was SERIOUSLY filled by dust!!

Then, they show us the location of the lab. I was wondering how nice staying in the lab rather these dusty area. But as soon as I open the door, WOW!!! Questions pop out in my mind- is this my house toilet, or a chemical lab? It was AMAZINGLY coated with thick dust everywhere in the lab on table, cupboard, and even wall!! it's was totally kool..

The day was bored. Sitting and looking on lab manual before and after lunch for few hours. Finally before back, the chemist teach us how to use the apparatus and explains the job I've to do. The last step in forming the product required titration, where the chemist and assistant chemist show the steps together- using left hand control dip rate and right hand shake. Great, finally i found something familiar. When i do the titration, they say "right hand control drop (or dip) rate, left hand swirl the conical flask"... I was totally confused. it's different than what i learn from UTAR and different from what they show.. Okay, maybe i was too tired.. So, i ask them show again. And so for 2nd time, i didn't see wrongly, it was right hand to control drop rate!! I guess there were something wrong, thus i said "can i use right hand control drop rate as UTAR taught us like this?" and they said "okay". So, i do the titration, and one of them said "no, this hand control.........". The same thing happened to my friend. ARGH i dulan jor, haihz... weird weird assistant.. so i surrender and do the opposite way taught by UTAR.. Weird eh...

The day end with sitting again... bored.. Hopefully my internship can pass quickly!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

New Life, New Beginning, New Hope..

The New Life Of Me..
Today is the brand new day for the beginning of up coming days..
where i will try to be another me that more realistic in the life..
I realised that there are too many things in life that human cant take care well..
As we can't ensure everything under control, yet i will try to be the best...

Life Is Unpredicted..
Maybe what you see today is beautiful scene of trees, lakes, flowers and birds flying in the sky..
But in beneath, things are not as beautiful as what we seen; it may consist of stories behind of it..
You might see people around smiling to you, but maybe in their heart.. it was bleeding..
They'll just say- "i'm fine, don't worry".. But the truth is they are suffering..
Why are people suffering.. Why can't just let go everything.. There are more things awaits you..

Please Appreciate Things Around You..
Normally what we expect are not what we get. We have to appreciate what we have now..
Human tends not to appreciate things when they have.. Till' it lost, only we realised..
Sometimes.. we may heard the word "I'm Sorry.. It's too late.." means no changes allowed..
But the user won't know how will the listener feel.. as no chances are given..

Life Was a ONE-WAY ROAD..
There will be no u-turn in our life.. what we done affects out future.. Please think before act..
We shouldn't ask for another chance if we caused an error.. We should clear on what we are...
And ask- Do i understand myself well? Do i know what actually i need? Do i capable to do the things well without bothering anyone? This is the basic thing we need to clear our future..
We are given one chance to life.. one life.. thus we have to use the chance wisely..

In my opinion, there are basic route in our life.. We need to get into STUDIES.. only comes CAREER, followed by INCOME, then LOVE.. There were few type of friends.. such as "Passer-By Friend" , "True Friend", and "Worse Friend" which backstab you while you not alert..
Among Friends, Studies, Career, Income, Love.. Can you arrange according to importance?
The arrangement also determine when we should have it.. Well, it just my opinion..

Can i become more useful to everyone around me? Can i become a good companion?
I really don't know.. as im not mind reader.. Just hope everyone will understand who am i..
People said use heart to treat others well.. but will you get the same treat? do people realised? Yet we shouldn't expect what they return us.. The most important is the sincere heart on how we treat others..

I always remember.. How we treat others determine how people will treat us back..
Everyone are not made perfect, we might done mistake in life.. should we given another chance?
I hope my friends.. can point my weakness out, so i can improve to be better man..
I wish begin my New Life.. start from New Beginning.. with New Hope... To become useful person to everyone.. I hope everyone can support or encourage me..
Sorry if the things i said in earlier was wrong.. no offence.. just to share my real experience..

Thanks for reading my long-winded post..

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Unforgetable Memory~ T.T

It was midnight, when i was doing my report, i find out problems that can't solve.. can't understand.. i was trying to ask my friends via msn, but sadly none reply me. im wondering why.. but then i sms fei, asking him report stuff but also no reply. im struggling in report and searching info online until almost fall asleep.. i was quite upset, very less people wishing my birthday.. i was thinking.. it almost 1am, impossible more people will wish me, maybe 2moro at class ba.. i try comfort myself.. but luckily i still hv friends sms greeting me..hapi bak^^

Suddenly fei call me, asking where am i and asking me come down. so i was wondering what happen but he said to solve my report problem, and so i saw him wit a gang of my frenz, my foundation close friends. i was thinking where they went.. and they say went yum cha then luk luk. i was great upset tat time, but i was trying to act normal, try to calm, and continue to ask my report question. (in fact, they trying to make me upset so can gv me surprise)

Later, they said wana back home, then i was entering home entrance. suddenly they reverse the car, and get down. i thought kereta rosak, but then they said enter my room and help me do report. my room was full of ants + dust + tissue paper + paper + many rubbish, how am i going to let them enter my room.. i was given 5 minute to clean and i rush rush rush..

And so liang knock my door, and i refuse to open. but then i really can't clean in 5 minute, and so i open door the trying to explain. as soon as i open the door, they show me a cake and singing birthday song. i was shocked until brain totally empty... and so i follow them to my living room, and i made a wish. i was shocked and whole body completely shaking, figure what to do. At the moment they wish me, i was really really happy as 1st time i experience this moment. my eye was completely wet, hot and heavy, but luckily can tahan from cry^^

so later we went to mamak to have supper.. thanks to you all.. liang, fei, sun, chi, huey, you all really my great friend. i won't forget this moment forever..

This is the cake^^ very meaningful. planned to box it and preserve it forever^^

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mamak Buffet~

On last weekend, i went to my friend's house, zac, to play card with 2 more friends, liang and fei. We play till very syok, and then later we start to gamble "a bit" for Big 2 and black jack. I was lost around RM12+ for a 10cent each card !! Really bad luck. But after play for more rounds, i gain my profit back^^

Later, fei back home as he feel tired, and so we three continue to play. so unluckily, while play black jack, i get 2 black 7.. in order to get 21 point, i have to get another 7. luckily my friend, zac, manage to help me take a 7 for me but in cost of 1 limau ais.. == later, i get 2 card of 7 again, one black again!! Once again, zac manage to do the same thing in cost of 1 roti canai...duh... wondering im winning money or losing money..

So we play until didn't owe money to each other by playing card until settle, yet i still owe zac 1 roti canai and 1 limau ais. so, liang, zac and i started to gamble food by picking card of biggest, smallest, or medium. Those who lost must treat food to others..

In conclusion, i lost many round and have to pay 3 roti telur, 3 kopi o ais, 2 nasi lemak and 2 roti kosong... it cost me RM11+.. reli pokai lo.. bankrup

Finally Zac, Liang and i reach Maha Maju at around 5.00am +, and we ordered 4 roti telur, 3 kopi ais, 4 nasi lemak, 3 limau ais and 3 roti kosong. cool, man.. here was the pic-
And we manage to sapu all except the dry roti canai ==

Friday, July 31, 2009

A busy day..

Last friday, i thought to back yayasan perak to get the "dermasiswa pendidikan negeri perak" which offer utar students RM1000. as usual, i attend the morning class of the day. as i back home later and pack my things, i went to bus station. Two ipoh bus was passed, yet they didn't stop to let us enter the bus, don't know why. As i waiting for next bus to come, someone yell from seng yip and i take a look of it. i saw the top of the "tong gas" was burning and it getting worse. the workers get fire extinguisher, and use to the fire. Yet, the fire getting more worst and some "mini" explosion sound heard. Luckily they manage to clear the fire by using another type of fire extinguisher.

As i reach Ipoh, i went to wisma yayasan perak to get the form. But it need ADUN people to sign it. so, i went to MCA to find "YB. Dr Mah" but he was not here. they direct me to go another place which im not clear. so i try to find the place using half hour and i manage to find! it was 12.45noon, and the guard won't let me enter as it was lunch time.. the building was "bangunan perak darul ridzuan". Finally im giving up to apply for the dermasiswa thing. so, be sure to locate where is it before applying it..

Im going back to kampar around 1.30pm as there are no bus before that. so i manage to take a bus and reach kamppar at 12.20pm which has to wait till 3.00 for next bus. luckily i get to know a utar student which was a course and class rep of communication networking, that study about computer stuff. so i was accompanied till reach new town. The bus ticket price increased to RM1.30! But luckily my ticket was 2-way-ticket, i get signature from office and i get free ride from oldtown to newtown. As conclusion, i wasted a lot of time and money in the day and end with sleeping 8 hours at home. sigh.